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pensacola spring activities

Spring Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids In Pensacola

Pensacola Spring Activities 

Most of us are tired of being cooped up indoors all winter long. If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to keep them entertained inside during the colder months. Now that spring is finally here, we can’t wait to make the most of the warmer weather and longer days. Stay tuned for some spring activities you can do with your whole family in Pensacola! 

Beach Days

Is this too obvious? Here in Pensacola many of us practically live at the beach during the warmer months! This is for good reason, as our beaches are a beautiful place to be. While the water may still be a little chilly, you can still enjoy the shore and the sand with your kids. Kids love having sandcastle building competitions, writing in the sand, and playing games on the beach like volleyball, bocce ball, and badminton. 


Kayaking is another great family activity that results in minimal exposure to actually being in the water… you might get a few splashes on you! There are tons of kayak rental places you can choose from around Pensacola. Different places rent kayaks for different bodies of water. In Pensacola, you can choose from rivers, lakes, ponds, and even the ocean. Don’t forget to bring your fishing pole!

Walking Trails

There are countless scenic walking trails in Pensacola. Bay Bluffs Park is a well known location, featuring a boardwalk to the beach. You will be surrounded by trees and nature the whole way down. Bryan Park offers plenty of open space and even a playground for kids to play on. This is a great location to exercise with family or to pack a lunch and spend the afternoon together. 


We know one thing for sure is that kids love to get their hands dirty! So, start a garden! Once you’ve selected a location for your home garden, have your kids help break up the ground and spread new soil. They will love digging the holes for the seeds or flowers to go into. If you haven’t picked out your plants yet, bring the kids along with you to a local plant nursery! Let them pick out a couple flowers of their liking or some vegetables they want to help grow. This makes your garden so much more special. 

Rainy Days

While the weather may be great, spring rain showers can still keep us inside. This doesn’t mean your kids need to become restless, though! One great indoor activity is making Oobleck. It can be a little messy, but it’s simple to make and kids absolutely love it. All you need is one cup of water and 1-2 cups of cornstarch. With a spoon, slowly mix the cornstarch into the water. Add a little bit at a time until you have the right consistency. This is a great science experiment for the kids to see how the Oobleck changes (spoiler: it will become thicker when you apply pressure). 

Get In Touch!

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