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Allergy-Free Spring

3 Tips For Having An Allergy-Free Spring

Allergy-Free Spring

While the warmer weather, blooming flowers, and emerging wildlife of spring is exciting, the allergies that come with it are a big bummer. Unfortunately, they’re not all outside either. Once you enter your home, you bring allergens in on your shoes, in your hair, and on your body, and with homes more tightly sealed than ever before, those allergens get stuck inside. If you’re feeling trapped inside an allergy-infested home, try out these tips and recommendations for having an allergy-free spring. 

Allergy Season Statistics

Can you believe  more than 50 million Americans suffer from a variety of allergies each year? That’s right, you are not alone! Whether it be by coughing, sneezing, rashes, or a runny nose, many people battle with allergies year round. The biggest culprit of spring allergies is actually not flowers, but tree pollen. Tree pollen granules are smaller than other plant’s, making them easier to be carried by wind. These tiny grains are difficult to keep out of your sinuses and lungs. Those tricky trees! 

On top of the natural allergens brought by nature, once they’ve affected you, you’ll pass on bodily bacteria by sneezing, coughing, and wiping your nose. 

1. Check Pollen Counts

One preventative measure you can take to fight off allergies is to check the pollen counts daily. The more pollen in the air, the more likely it is that your allergies will flare up. Pollen counts can always be found online, and oftentimes on your local TV news stations as well. If the pollen counts are high, plan indoor activities for the day and take allergy medication before you feel any reactions. Keep your windows and doors closed. If you need to go out, avoid the early morning. This is when pollen counts are the highest. The best time to go out is immediately after a heavier rain. 

2. Keep Out The Pollen

While it may seem like a futile battle, there are a few things you can do to cut down on the amount of pollen you are exposed to. Whenever you go out during the day and then come back home, change your clothes and take a shower to rinse off. Wearing a mask outside can help keep the pollen out of your nose and lungs as well. If you have laundry that needs to hang dry, do not hang it outside to dry. Pollen can stick to your clothes and towels. Purchase a drying rack for indoor drying. 

When you re-enter your home from being out during the day, take off your shoes to keep from spreading pollen throughout the house. If you’re planning to be in for the rest of the night, take a shower and put your dirty clothes in a hamper or straight into the washer to keep them contained or cleaned. You won’t be able to keep all the pollen out of your home this way, but you can cut down on a large amount by following those tips.

3. Clean Your Indoor Air

Modern homes are better insulated and more tightly sealed. While this helps your home to be more comfortable, it often traps indoor pollutants inside. In fact, your indoor air can be up to five times less healthy than the outdoor air. Protect yourself and your family by having an air purification system installed in your home. Climatech of Professional Air offers systems such as the Reme-Halo LED purifier which boasts incredible technology and ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of allergens from every square inch of your home reached by your air conditioner. 

What If I Add Stronger Filters To My HVAC System?

Adding a better air filter to your HVAC system is a great step to take! Stronger air filters can absolutely aid in removing more contaminants from your home’s air. However, you should be careful when adding stronger filters. Sometimes they can constrict your system’s air flow performance and result in an off balance between airflow and filtration. Call the professionals at Climatech before making the switch. Our technicians are trained to examine your system and help you make the best decision for your home.

Give Us A Call

We hope these tips help you with battling your allergies this spring. To fit your home with an air purification system, be sure to call Climatech of Professional Air. We proudly offer many air purification solutions and are here to answer any questions you may have.

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