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5 Things to Do In Pensacola, FL Before Fall Is Over

5 Things to Do In Pensacola, FL Before Fall Is Over

To Do In Pensacola, FL Before Fall Is Over 

Wanting to soak up the last bit of Fall before the holidays? There are still some fun fall activities in Pensacola for you and your family to enjoy before fall is over!

1. Shop At Palafox Market

Grab a cup of coffee and peruse the fresh produce, delicious pastries, sweet treats, and local artwork at Palafox Market. Walk through the beautiful trees with colorful leaves all while taking in the cool fall weather. Located in Downtown Pensacola, this is the best way to spend a late fall Saturday morning.

2. Camp at Lake Stone Campground

Another way to take advantage of the last few weeks of fall is by going camping! Have a family weekend getaway at Lake Stone Campground. Spend the weekend fishing, boating, playing on the playground, picnicking, and gathering around the campfire roasting s’mores with your family and friends! Spending a weekend camping will be so rejuvenating before the cooler winter weather arrives and we begin spending more time indoors. 

3. Spend Time Outdoors 

If you’re not much of a camper, spend the remaining fall days doing other fun outdoor activities! Fall is the perfect time to try a new outdoor activity, especially in the gorgeous Pensacola weather. With activities here that everyone can enjoy, you can find the perfect way to get outdoors for you and your family. Spend a morning paddle boarding in the Pensacola Bay, take a sailboat ride to enjoy the crisp fall air, or walk or bike at your local park to feel the fresh fall air. If you want to spend some time alone, head down to the beach and enjoy less crowds, comfortable temperatures, and a good book!

4. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The next step in completing your fall to-do list is scheduling an HVAC Maintenance appointment. As the weather cools off, it is important that your heating is working properly. Although the winters are mild in Pensacola, you don’t want a malfunctioning HVAC system to catch you by surprise when you need it most. Keep your HVAC system running at its best by scheduling routine maintenance. We will come by, inspect and clean your system, and let you know if any adjustments need to be made to keep your system running effectively and efficiently this season. HVAC maintenance saves you money in the long run and the short run!

5. Clean the Air In Your Home

Last but not least, consider installing an air purification system in your home. With all the hustle and bustle around the holiday season, our home can quickly fill with dust, dirt, pet dander, and other airborne particles and allergens. Air filtration systems are a great way to reduce the amount of dirt and pollutants in your home’s air. Check out our website at for more information about our air purification solutions to keep you and your family breathing quality air this fall and throughout the rest of the holiday season. 

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