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Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced

How Do I Know When My Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced?

How Do I Know When My Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced?

We all know the feeling.. You’re relaxing at home when suddenly, you hear an unusual noise. You brush it off, assuming you were hearing things. Over time, the odd noise continues and you begin experiencing reduced airflow in your home. These occurrences are easily overlooked, but they are both signs your air conditioner may need to be replaced. In fact, there are many signs to keep an eye out for to know when your air conditioner needs to be replaced. 

Loud, Unusual Noises

Ideally, you should rarely hear any noise coming from your air conditioning system. Unusual noises are a key sign your system may be experiencing some troubles. Such unusual sounds include whistling, clanging, or grinding. Oftentimes, a belt could have slipped, or your system’s motor could be failing. It’s crucial to contact your HVAC contractor immediately when you hear any of these strange noises. If you delay getting the issue fixed, your entire system could shut down, leaving you without cool air on possibly the hottest day of the year!

A Dated System

Most air conditioning systems tend to teeter out once they reach 10-15 years in age. While your old system may still be running, it could be entirely too inefficient, costing you some seriously unnecessary money. Oftentimes, older systems require excessive repairs in order to continue running. This can make a serious dent in your wallet over time as well! Replacing your air conditioning unit is often the more cost-effective solution in this situation. Additionally, newer systems have the best technology available. With an upgraded system you can feel confident that your system is operating properly and efficiently, while positively impacting the environment. 

System Leaking

If you hear or see your indoor air conditioning system leaking, call your HVAC professional right away! Leaks can cause serious damage to your home, and there could already be some serious damage to the system itself. You do not want any moisture pooling in your home, as it can lead to excessive fungal growth. Your system could also be leaking refrigerant, which you may not be able to physically see. However, you will notice the effect of it when the air coming out of your vents is warm instead of cool. Refrigerant does not run out over time, so if this happens, there’s an underlying issue. Leaks are often a key sign that your system may need a replacement. 

Reduced Airflow

When your home’s airflow suddenly decreases, this often means there is a problem within the system. In Florida, we know how hot and uncomfortable our homes can quickly become without proper airflow. Reduced airflow could be a clue there is a problem with your compressor or damage to your duct work. These issues will not resolve on their own. Contact HVAC professionals to get your ductwork and the system inspected; if your system has been damaged, you may need to replace it.

Strange Smells

Gross! You never want to smell anything strange coming from your air vents. Some unusual smells could be a sign there is a moisture and mold problem within your system. If you smell a burning smell emitting from your air conditioning unit, immediately turn the unit off and contact your HVAC contractor. This can indicate there is a serious problem within the unit that could be a danger to your home and your family.

Give Us A Call

If you notice any of these signs with your air conditioning system, act quickly for the best outcome. Our professional staff can answer any questions you might have about replacing your system and ensure the process is smooth and simple. Climatech Professional Air is a trusted American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Dealer in Pensacola, FL

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