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6 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient At Home

6 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient At Home

6 Ways to Be More Energy Efficient At Home

As it gets warmer in Pensacola and surrounding areas, we’re all going to be turning on the air conditioning and relying on our home systems to keep us comfortable. With all that cooling, your energy usage and costs can rise dramatically, which isn’t always the best environmental or economical result! If you’re aiming to be a little bit more energy efficient at home this spring, follow these simple tips.

Turn the Temperature Up 

One strategy is to simply use your air conditioner a bit less than you would normally. Now, this might seem easier said than done as the temperature gets hotter, but you can get used to hotter temperatures if you slowly adjust. Try turning up the thermostat by a degree or two for a week, and then maybe a degree or two more. This will help your system to run less often so it’s not being overworked which will save you money. You can also have a professional from Climatech of Professional Air come by to check your humidity levels inside your home. The better humidity regulation you have, the more comfortable your home will feel at higher temperatures.

Unplug Appliances When Not Using Them

Did you know even when you’re not charging your phone, the charging cord is still using energy when plugged in? While it may be a miniscule amount of energy, it adds up! To be as energy-efficient as possible, try and unplug chargers and other appliances when you’re not using them. Need a tip on how to remember to do this? Once you’re done charging your phone, instead of just unplugging your phone, unplug the whole charger first. You can also put sticky-note reminders over more visible appliances around your home such as blenders, toaster ovens, laptop chargers, and more!

Clean out Filters

Major causes of wasted energy are slow and inefficient air conditioners. This might not be the fault of the appliance itself, but sometimes is a result of a dirty or clogged filter making it more difficult for your system to perform its function efficiently. Filters can clog up easily from your pets shedding, dust around the house, lint, hair particles, and dirt. Not to worry, you can easily clean out your filters at home and feel the difference immediately.

Schedule Your Thermostat

While you’re enjoying time in your house, of course keep the thermostat right where you want it, but schedule it to be a few degrees warmer in the spring and summer while you’re at work and the kids are at school. This way, you won’t lose any cool air, and you’ll be saving energy and money by doing virtually nothing! Programmable thermostats can help you regulate the temperature of your home to your liking and keep your energy usage down too.

Tune Up Your HVAC System

Ideally you should be scheduling maintenance every couple of months to make sure your home comfort systems are working properly. We know that work, family, and life can get in the way of that, but it is necessary to make sure you’re not wasting energy, and to prevent future costly breakdowns from occurring. HVAC maintenance includes testing starting capabilities and safety controls, cleaning electronics or replacing air filters, cleaning condensate drains, measuring volts and amps, and so much more! It’s always best to get professional help for the things that matter most, such as your family’s comfortability and safety. A great bonus is that it will help you save money in the long run!

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

Sometimes it just makes more sense to replace your home’s HVAC system with an up-to-date, reliable, high-efficiency system. New technology allows for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Sometimes, upgrading your system can even save homeowners up to 60% on their energy bills! Also, if you’ve been considering a new Ductless Unit or Air Handler, now is the time to invest in one!

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