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Tips for Changing Your Thermostat With The Seasons

Tips for Changing Your Thermostat With The Seasons

Tips for Changing Your Thermostat With The Seasons

Trying to find the right temperature for your home to stay comfortable, without having to worry about energy bills? Follow these tips to find a happy medium for your home thermostat no matter the weather outside.

Set Limits for Your Thermostat

We all know that thermostats help regulate the temperature of your home, and in the summer they work hand-in-hand with your comfort system to do so. Because of this, it’s important to know the limits of your thermostat, and not set it to a level that’s too low or too high for your air conditioner or heat pump to adjust to. The recommended temperature for the spring and summer is 78 degrees, and in the fall and winter around 65 degrees.

Find your Personal Settings

No two households have the same preferences! It’s in your best interest to know the temperature you prefer to keep your home at, which is different for everyone. Once you know your perfect range and ideal temperatures, you’ll know how to best go about changing your thermostat to a slightly warmer or cooler setting, depending on the season.

Adjust Your Thermostat When You’re Gone 

No matter the season, you should always adjust your thermostat when you leave your home. A good recommended temperature for when you’re not at home during this time of year is around 80-85 degrees, but you can adjust it when you are inside. Since you won’t be feeling the effects of the thermostat, changing its temperature during the work day or on trips can save you money on your energy bills. It’s also more environmentally-friendly!

Don’t Change the Temperature Drastically

Changing your thermostat too drastically or too frequently is a common cause of breakdowns. Turning the temperature up or down too quickly can cause your system to overheat and potentially shut down. It also makes it difficult for your heating and cooling systems to match that temperature and might end up wasting energy. 

Install in the Right Place

You should install your thermostat in the right spot in your home so that it works as best it can. Be sure it’s in the room you use the most so that it accurately reflects the temperature you’re feeling, and can communicate with your HVAC systems to adjust accordingly. Be sure that it’s not near doors or windows that are frequently open, as these areas often have fluctuating temperatures which can confuse your thermostat. It also shouldn’t be in a spot that gets direct sunlight, or is by an air vent. 

Programmable Thermostats

If keeping track of your thermostat’s every setting throughout the day seems pretty exhausting, a programmable WiFi thermostat might be a good option for you to consider! Since they’re completely customizable to your heating and cooling needs and routines, you’ll waste less energy messing around with your thermostat. They also are pretty consistent and accurate with the temperature they keep your home at, so you won’t find yourself constantly returning to adjust it. For many programmable thermostats, you can set settings for different times of the day, such as when you’re at work, at home, or gone for long periods of time. 

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