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Summer Decorating Ideas to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Summer Decorating Ideas to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Decorating Ideas to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While summer is the season to be outside in the sun, many of us enjoy the relief of the air conditioning inside our homes. We think the best part of a summer outing is coming back home to chill out! As we spend time indoors, it’s important to start thinking about your home’s air quality. Modern homes are better insulated and sealed, which can often trap airborne pollutants inside your space. Thankfully, there are some creative ways to combat poor indoor air quality, such as how you decorate your home! Keep reading for our decorating ideas which spruce up your home and subsequently improve your air quality. It’s a win-win! 

Fresh Paint

Nothing can change a space quite like a new coat of paint. However, it’s important to look into the paint you’re using in your home. Many paints can contain harmful chemicals which negatively impact the air in your home. When purchasing new paint, look for options which are “Low VOC” or even “Zero VOC”. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are hazardous vapors which can be emitted from items such as furniture, paint, and more. 


Having a mudroom can greatly improve your home’s indoor air quality. How? Oftentimes we track bacteria, dirt, pesticides, germs, etc,. inside on our shoes. These contaminants can easily become trapped in your carpets, furniture, and travel through the air. Gross! Keep those pollutants out of your living space by decorating a designated mudroom space. If you don’t have a separate room for this, you can always set up a shoe rack, storage bins, and wall hooks at the entrance of your home to keep things organized. There are countless cute storage options available online, some you can even DIY! Keep those contaminants out! 

Low VOC Furniture

Looking for some new pieces of furniture to decorate your home this summer? Make a smart choice by choosing pieces which are low VOC. Many furniture manufacturers use dyes, glues, and paints which can have short and long term adverse health effects. Etsy features many small businesses which build their own Low VOC furniture pieces. Check these creators out to support a small business as well as improve the air quality in your home!

Indoor Plants

Nothing says summer quite like having a home full of plants! Household plants add such life and dimension to your space, as well as improve air quality. Consider using hanging planters for a unique way to highlight your plants in your home. For a fun summer activity, buy terracotta pots and have a painting day. Paint fun designs, sceneries, add your initials, or whatever else speaks to you! Your plants will be looking fresh in their new painted homes. 

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