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energy recovery ventilators

Benefits of Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators

In Pensacola, homes are now built with more insulation and thicker walls to keep the dreaded summer heat outside and our cool, crisp air conditioning inside. However, that also means we’re breathing in the same recirculated air all the time. So, how do we get fresh air into our homes? While opening windows might help, letting hot, humid, unfiltered air into our homes isn’t ideal. With energy recovery ventilators, this problem is easily solved.

How Does Energy Recovery Ventilation Work?

Energy recovery ventilators create the perfect pathway for allowing fresh air into your home while keeping excess moisture and contaminants out. If you’re unsure of exactly how these systems work, read our blog post: The Ins and Outs of Energy Recovery Ventilators.

Increased Indoor Air Quality

Having a tightly insulated home is an important part of staying comfortable and regulating energy usage, but it could also mean lower air quality if the proper precautions are not taken. When air is constantly recirculated, CO2 levels rise and a high concentration could become trapped inside. Fresh air allows higher oxygen levels and fewer allergens to circulate throughout your home, which is proven to make you feel more energized, improve health, and increase comfort. Energy recovery ventilators also contain added air filters to help remove dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens from the outdoor air before it enters your home. 

Humidity Control

Energy recovery ventilators don’t just make you feel comfortable knowing the air is safe, they also help regulate humidity in your home. ERV’s transfer humidity from the incoming air to outgoing air when passing through the energy exchanging core. By removing excess moisture from the air, a cooler, more comfortable home environment is produced. 

Increased Efficiency

Adding an ERV to your home or business doesn’t only mean fresh air and added comfort. It also means increased energy efficiency. Unlike traditional HVAC fans that power on and off throughout the day, energy recovery ventilators work at a slower pace, providing a constant exchange of air at all times. By working at a slower rate throughout the day, ERVs resemble a variable speed comfort system, using less energy to produce great results. These systems also pre-cool the air entering your home so your comfort system doesn’t have to work as hard to condition the new air. 

Easy Maintenance

We know adding more equipment to your HVAC system can seem overwhelming, and you might be worried about the additional maintenance that comes with having an energy recovery ventilator. The good news is the maintenance for these systems is very minimal! All you need to do is change the filter every few months, and Climatech of Professional Air will do the rest. When you’re signed up for one of our maintenance plans, you’ll receive two maintenance visits a year where we will inspect your whole system, including the ERV, and make adjustments and clean where necessary.

Longer HVAC System LifeSpan

As discussed, pre-cooling and pre-heating the incoming air produces less strain on your comfort system. By reducing the amount of work your comfort system needs to do to condition the incoming air, the lifespan of the entire system can be increased. 

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