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Perfect Primary Bedroom

Tips for Designing Your Perfect Primary Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be your home’s sanctuary; the place you can ultimately relax in the utmost comfort. However, if your bedroom isn’t meeting your needs and expectations, you could be left feeling disappointed at the end of every day. Follow these tips for designing your perfect primary bedroom to create your at-home sanctuary.

Colors Perfect primary bedroom

The color of your primary bedroom will determine your mood immediately upon entrance. Keep your primary bedroom feeling like your happy place with light, bright neutral colors. Light colors make a space feel larger and have been proven to contribute to feelings of happiness and calmness.

Accent Wall

If you want to add a pop of color, try adding an accent wall. Accent walls add a great deal of style to any room, and they’re becoming more popular so they can even add value to your home. Try accent walls of shiplap, stone, wallpaper, or even just a different color paint if you’re looking to keep it simple, yet make a statement.


The furniture in your bedroom should be stylish, but the most important thing regarding furniture is functionality. Dressers and chests-of-drawers should be able to house your clothing items as needed. Without proper storage space in your bedroom, you’ll be left feeling unorganized and the space may feel a bit hectic. Also, be sure to include a laundry basket with a closed top to hide your dirty clothes and keep a clean space.


Your most important piece of furniture will be your bed, so it deserved its own category. Place your bed comfortably in the room so you still have space to walk around and can easily access both sides. Don’t put your bed in a corner as it will lead you to feel cramped in your room. Make sure you replace your mattress regularly, every 8-10 years. Mattresses wear out and can eventually cause poor sleeping habits and body pain.


Among the bright and light colors of your bedroom, there should also be lots of natural lighting. If you can’t get tons of natural light in your bedroom, choose lightbulbs that put off a natural glow instead of yellow or white lights. You can also add lamps to brighten up the space and make it feel more homey. Lamps are a great way to add functional decor.


Speaking of decor, it’s important to have some in your master bedroom if you’re really looking to make it feel like the perfect space. Artwork is a great decor option. You can also add plants, pictures, vases, and candles to fill in the empty spaces. There are tons of great options for decorating your bedroom in department stores and online, but don’t over-decorate as this can make the space feel overwhelming. 


If you’ve followed all the tips above but your owner’s suite still isn’t comfortable, you may need a new comfort system, such as a ductless mini-split air conditioning system. These comfort systems can be added to a single room in your home without needing additional ductwork. They provide the highest energy-efficiency available and are even good for your home’s air quality AND the environment! For a limited time, Climatech of Professional Air is offering a great promotional deal that includes a free mini-split with a purchase of a new, qualifying system to keep every room in your home comfortable.

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