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Home Decluttering Hacks

5 Home Decluttering Hacks – Get Organized

5 Home Decluttering Hacks – Get Organized

While some of us may enjoy cleaning and organizing, others struggle with even thinking about it. To be the most successful, try breaking your home down into sections and take on one at a time. It’s important to not get overwhelmed! Small or large, progress is progress. Here are our 5 decluttering hacks to help you organize specific areas of your home.

1. Kitchen & Office Drawers

We know you have one… the dreaded junk drawer. Usually when we clean, we shove everything we don’t know what to do with into a couple drawers. It’s time to face those head on! Start by emptying the drawer and giving it a good clean. Now that everything is out, you can see it and decide what you do and don’t need. We recommend purchasing an organizer for the inside of your drawer. There are countless drawer organizers and dividers available online to customize your setup. This will help keep you organized in the long run. 

2. Bedrooms

Sometimes our rooms can be the place to hide a lot of mess. There are several great ways to organize in bedrooms and keep the clutter out of sight. Take advantage of the space under the bed. No, don’t just throw everything there. There are many great options for under the bed storage available on the market. Perfect for winter clothes, extra shoes, keepsakes, stuffed animals, or just about anything. Another great option is using baskets to organize. With so many styles available, you can find baskets that perfectly match the theme of any of your rooms so your organization is helpful and stylish! 

3. Pantry and Kitchen Cabinets

You know it’s gotten a little out of hand when you don’t even remember what you have in your pantry anymore. Similar to the drawers, begin by taking everything out and giving the cabinets and pantry a good clean. Go through the food and houseware you have, and if you don’t use it, toss it or donate it! One great way to clear the clutter is by purchasing a stackable can organizer. This helps you to know what you have and keeps your cans from rolling all over the place. Consider donating any pots and pans you don’t use, and purchase a divided organizer for what’s left.

4. The Entryway

The entryway is where many of us shed our coats and pull off our shoes, and proceed to leave them there. This results in an extremely cluttered space. Your entryway is the first impression many people have of your home, so make it a good one! Simple shoe storage options are available to purchase online. We also recommend storage benches. This way, you can store your shoes but also have a place to take them off. For outerwear, a classic coat rack is all you need for keeping jackets out of the way. 

5. Closets

Closets sure can get messy. It’s a small space where clutter can quickly get out of hand. There are many options to help with storage and organization. Over the door storage is a great choice, and you can pick from many different types. Organizers made specifically for shoes, with hooks, racks, and more are available. Organizers can help, but you do need to start by downsizing your wardrobe. Purge all the things you never wear. Think about each item, and don’t just assume that you’ll start wearing it again soon.

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