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prepping your HVAC system for severe weather

Prepping Your HVAC System for Severe Weather

Prepping Your HVAC System for Severe Weather

It’s hurricane season in Pensacola and while you might be ready for it, your HVAC system may not be. Prepping your HVAC system for severe weather is important for ensuring it continues to operate properly. Put together an emergency plan and follow the National Weather Service to protect your home, your family, and your HVAC system against severe weather this hurricane season.  

1. The Outside Unit

One of the most vulnerable parts of your HVAC system during a storm is the outdoor unit as it’s completely exposed to harsh weather conditions. Before severe weather hits, secure any outdoor items that could be lifted from the ground and damage your HVAC system. This includes items like outdoor furniture, children’s toys, or gardening equipment. 

If hail or powerful rain is expected, it may be necessary to cover the unit to protect it. If you choose to cover the outside system, start by turning the power off to the system. Then, once the unit is covered, strap the cover securely to the ground. Uncover the unit as soon as possible after the storm, as trapped moisture can lead to mold and mildew. Never turn on your system while the outdoor unit is covered.

2. Surge Protection

During storms, electrical surges can occur from lightning strikes, fallen trees, and random power outages. Installing a surge protector can protect your HVAC system and other electronics from power surges. Before installing a surge protector, be sure to ask a local electrician for information on proper installation.

3. Shut it Off

While surge protectors are a great way to protect your HVAC system, the most effective way to protect it is to turn it completely off before a big storm. Before turning the unit back on, be sure to check for any damage to the system. If you notice anything that looks wrong, call a licensed HVAC company like Climatech of Professional Air to look over the entire system for any faults or damage before turning it back on.

4. Pre-Cool Your Home 

If you are concerned about losing power or plan on shutting off your HVAC system, pre-cooling your home is an excellent way to stay comfortable during a big storm. To pre-cool your home, set the thermostat a few degrees lower than usual a few hours before severe weather is expected and close all curtains, blinds, and doors to prevent conditioned air from escaping. You’ll stay comfortable longer and your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to cool your home when the storm is over and the system is turned back on.

5. Regular Maintenance

Keeping up with regular maintenance is an essential part of protecting your HVAC system. If there is something wrong with your system, even a small storm could make the issue much worse. Regular preventative maintenance will also ensure any present issues are caught early to help prevent more problems in the future. If a storm hits your home particularly hard, it may be a good idea to have your HVAC system inspected afterwards to ensure there was no damage done during the storm. 

What Next?

If you have questions about protecting your home against severe weather, contact us! We’re always happy to help answer any questions regarding the safety of your family.

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