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Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Addition

Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Addition

Creating the Perfect Home Addition

Adding to a home addition can feel overwhelming and insurmountable, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a few simple steps you can take to make your home feel unique and complete. Follow our ultimate guide to creating the perfect home addition to get started and make the vision for your home a reality! 

Choose your Home Addition

The first step to creating the perfect home addition is the hardest…choosing the type of addition! Living in the Pensacola area can lead to more wear and tear on homes than normal due to the salt and sand exposure, leaving you with multiple home projects to complete. It can be hard to choose which home project you should complete first. Some great options to elevate your space include finishing your basement, building a sunroom, or transforming your attic. Keep reading for some creative ideas for your spaces! 

Finish your Basement

Add to your livable space by finishing your basement! Basements provide a lot of additional square footage to your home, but are often used just for storage. Rather than keeping this space solely for storage, transform your basement and create a designated play space for your kids, a guest bedroom, a theater room, or just an additional living area. Elevating your basement will help you utilize every square inch of your home, also increasing your home’s value due to increased usable/liveable space.   

Build a Sunroom

Nothing is better than relaxing in a cozy, comfortable sunroom on a beautiful summer day with a great book! Sunrooms are another great addition to brighten up your space, and give your home a room full of natural light ready for relaxation!

However, building a sunroom does require some additional planning, including accounting for windows, doors, and adequate heating and cooling. With lots of windows, sunrooms can get very hot throughout the summer and very cold throughout the winter. But, do not fear! A quick and easy way to keep your sunroom comfortable all year long is by incorporating a mini-split system. These ductless systems provide you with optimal heating and cooling from room to room. With quick and easy installation, you can start enjoying your sunroom right away!

Transform your Attic 

An attic is also a great place to start to utilize every area of your home! Get creative and make a space that works for you and your family! Whether you convert your attic into a playroom, guest room, home office, movie room, library, or home gym, transforming your attic is another fantastic way to make the most of your home! 

Attics usually don’t have central heating and air conditioning either, so adding a mini-split in here would also be a great idea!

Create your Plan 

Now that you have decided your perfect home addition, next up on our list is to create your plan. It is crucial to develop a detailed plan, so you are prepared for your build. Although unexpected problems may arise while building your home addition, having a plan will reduce these problems, keeping you on budget to complete your job in a reasonable time frame. 

Set your Budget 

Creating the perfect home addition does not have to break the bank! By establishing a budget for your project, you can feel confident and excited about your addition rather than worrying about the cost. When setting your budget, consider costs of materials, labors, and permits. Set aside extra funds for any unforeseen expenses that may arise. 

Create A Timeline

Another important aspect of your plan is to set a timeline for completion of your project. Setting a timeline for your project will give everyone involved reasonable expectations. Take into account the work hours and availability of the contractors, delivery time of necessary materials, and unexpected delays. By creating a reasonable timeline, the entire team can be on the same page and work hard to make your addition come to life in a timely manner so you can start using your space as soon as possible! 

Plan your Design 

With any type of construction project, problems can arise due to architectural concerns. Prior to initiating construction, ensure you and your team sketch out the design of your home addition. Consider any structural issues from the current architecture of the home. Account for doors, windows, natural light flow, and easy mobility throughout the space. With a detailed sketch for your design ahead of time, you can ensure that your vision is feasible, and you can also prevent any extra costs due to foundational issues during construction. 

Gather any Necessary Permits 

Working on your home can come with a lot of unplanned hiccups including delays in construction if you have to acquire specific permits! Check whether you need any permits to avoid issues with your home while building and in the future. Depending on your location, permits and building codes vary. Speak with your local government so you can hit the ground running when you begin your project! 

Find a Contractor 

Finding a reputable contractor is the next step on your ultimate guide to creating the perfect home addition. If you do not have experience in construction, you will want to trust an expert in the field! Check reviews, licenses, and insurance proof from your contractors to guarantee they can get the job done well. Leave the stress behind, and ensure you are in good hands for your project! 

Determine your Cooling System

Whatever you decide to create for your perfect home addition, take into consideration the heating and cooling system for that space. Sunrooms and attics can become extra hot during the summer and really cold during the winter. To ensure that every space in your home is comfortable all year round, consider installing a mini-split system. Mini-split systems are ductless systems with durable, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions great for air quality control from room to room. 

Get Building! 

It’s time to put your plan in motion! Now that you have followed all the steps, you are ready to get building! With a solid plan in place, you can be confident and excited about your new build. No matter what space you choose, we hope this guide will help you build the perfect space for you and your family! 

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