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Creating A Home Gym You’ll Actually Use

Creating A Home Gym You’ll Actually Use

Creating A Home Gym 

Summer is right around the corner, and it’s everyone’s favorite time of the year to get active and stay in shape. If you’re looking for a fun summer project that makes working out easy and accessible, read our latest blog to learn about creating your own home gym! 

Choose Your Workout Focus

The first part of creating a home gym is establishing what kind of workouts you want to do there. Are you more interested in yoga, calisthenics, and body-weight exercises, or are you more focused on strength training and weight lifting? Depending on your preferences and fitness goals, these questions will determine the kind of equipment you’ll need and the structure of your at-home gym. 

Find the Right Location

If you aren’t planning on installing heavy equipment or machines in your home gym, an extra bedroom, office space, or bonus room can serve as the perfect space for your home gym. If you do decide that you want more equipment or a bigger space for more complex exercises, your basement or garage might be the better option for a more in-depth project. If you only need a small area and want to be secluded from your home, you may consider investing in a medium-sized shed with plenty of head space and room to move around. Worried it won’t be comfortable? Keep reading!

Getting the Equipment

If you have specific equipment that you already use at a local gym or in workout classes, these should be your first additions. You don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing expensive or unnecessary equipment that will go to waste if you don’t like the exercises or workouts themselves. A good few items to have for a smaller-scale gym or beginners are jump ropes, resistance bands, yoga mats, gliding discs, and a pull-up bar. If you train regularly and know you’d like more heavy-duty equipment right away, some of the most popular appliances are squat racks, rowing machines, treadmills, and lat pulldown machines.

Other Items to Consider

You might want to consider getting a few other products to enhance your experience at your home gym. These items can be anything from storage for different gym equipment such as your resistance bands to workout clothing items. You might also want to include mirrors, towels, fans, or unique lighting fixtures to improve your experience while working out. 

Preparing your Home

If you want to dedicate an entire area of your home to a gym area, you’ll need to properly prep it so that it’s ready for impact, heavy equipment, and of course different heating and cooling needs. Install rubber flooring to protect your floors and your body while working out. If the space you’re using is on the smaller side, make sure you take proper measurements or get connecting square rubber tiles to fit the space to your needs. Something else you’ll need to consider is the heating and cooling systems in place in the room you’d like to use for your gym. 

Mini-Split Installation

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are perfect heating and cooling systems for home gyms. No matter the size of your room or where it’s located, these systems are flexible and compact, so you can fit them into your workout space easily. If you just need one of these systems for your new at-home gym, a stand alone model will be perfect for making your workouts comfortable and cool with ease. They can even be installed in a garage, basement, bonus room, or a shed!

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