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What Are You Really Getting With Your HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Florida?

What Are You Really Getting With Your HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Florida?

HVAC maintenance agreements are common for most homeowners. It only takes one A/C breakdown on an unbearably hot Pensacola day to make you realize the importance of your HVAC system. Once you have your system repaired, you may wonder what can be done to prevent a breakdown in the future. This is where HVAC maintenance plans, like the one offered from Climatech of Professional Air, come into play. But, how do you know what’s really covered in a maintenance plan like the one we offer, or, what should you expect from a maintenance plan from any other HVAC contractor?

In this article, we will:

  • Take a look at the benefits you should be getting from your HVAC maintenance program.
  • Review the maintenance tasks that need to be completed to ensure you get those benefits.

HVAC maintenance program benefits

Improved efficiency equals lower cost.

As a home or business owner in Pensacola, you are always concerned about reigning in expenses. Ensuring your HVAC system is running efficiently as possible helps control costs. Efficient operation is no minor point considering your HVAC system accounts for roughly half of your energy usage.  Another thing to consider is your system stands to lose up to 5-percent efficiency for each year it goes unmaintained.

Clogged filters, grimy coils, and dirty vents are just a few of the things that cause systems to work harder and longer to meet set thermostat temperatures. A system forced to work nonstop chews up more electricity and more money.

Avoid major costly repairs.

You will find that a regular HVAC maintenance program will result in fewer repairs and dollars flowing from your wallet. Your technician will inspect the HVAC system and detect any small issues before they become large problems with a big price tag. Minor equipment issues left unchecked can have a snowball effect on things that can go wrong with your system. Neglecting something as simple as cleaning coils can lead to a compressor failure, which is an expensive problem to remedy.

An HVAC Maintenance Program equals longer system longevity.

You will expand the life of your system by having a routine HVAC maintenance program. Keeping your system in optimal shape means less wear and tear on your equipment. A car that has its oil changed at regular intervals tends to last longer than one that doesn’t. Your air conditioner is no different. An HVAC preventative maintenance program will add life to your system.

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