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Signs That Your HVAC System Needs A Check Up

As the summertime heat hits the Pensacola area, it’s important to make sure your unit is properly working and ready to keep you cool in the Florida heat. Nobody likes dealing with annoying, expensive air conditioning problems! This is why we promote pre-emptive AC care to prevent this hassle. If you identify one of these warning signs, we encourage you to check in with Climatech of Professional Air.

Not sure if you need an HVAC repair?

Listed below you’ll find some of the most common air conditioning issues that may indicate a problem:

• Uncomfortable home

• Increased energy bills

• Higher humidity and excess moisture

• Frequent repairs

• Warm air coming from your vents

• Uneven cooling

• Strange smells

• Water around the indoor unit (it’s normal to have some around the outdoor unit)

• Unit constantly running (with exception to the middle of the afternoon)

• Thermostat fluctuations

• Weak airflow

We strongly encourage you to contact us on our website or call us at 850-968-2161 so that we can get the problem identified and handled ASAP! If these problems aren’t identified early, there’s a risk that you’ll suffer high energy bills or long-lasting AC malfunction.

Reach Max-Efficiency for A More Comfortable Home

There are many benefits to hiring Climatech Professional Air for all of your HVAC needs. First, you’ll enjoy a cooler home and savings on your energy bills. If you pay attention to these warning signs you will know if your system isn’t working correctly, or if it’s nearing the end of its life. We understand that summer heat and humidity in the Florida panhandle can be unbearable! Fixing these problems with your AC unit will ensure your home is ready for anything the weather brings.

Here is a list of the benefits of a well-functioning air conditioner:

• Less stress from repairs

• Might prevent a system breakdown

• Increased indoor air quality

• A more comfortable home

• Energy savings

• Increased energy-efficiency

• Longer-lasting system

• Peace of mind

• Cleaner air from properly maintained systems

• And more!

Contact us Today!

Whether you need a quick repair or a completely new air conditioning installation, Climatech Professional Air is the most trusted HVAC contractor in the Pensacola area, servicing northern Florida for over forty years! With skilled, professional technicians, fast service and quality customer care, we are more than happy to help you out! Visit our website,, for more information on units, services, and promotions!

Climatech Professional Air is fully licensed and insured. We offer round the clock emergency service.