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Protecting Your HVAC Unit During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is just around the corner in the Florida panhandle. This means we are all taking precautions to keep our families and homes extra safe in case of harsh weather conditions. Many of us associate the onset of hurricane season with stocking up on extra batteries or non-perishable food. Or maybe you get out the flashlights and satellite radios. But did you know that prepping your air conditioning system is an essential step to keep you safe before a storm?

At Climatech of Professional Air, we encourage you to follow these steps to protect your home and HVAC system during Pensacola’s hurricane season.

Step 1: Preparation Before the Storm

Prevention is the foundation of protecting your HVAC season from weather damages. That’s why we recommend that you:

• Cool your home as much as possible before the storm because you should not use the system during the storm.

After cooling your home, turn off the breakers to your HVAC system.

• Secure your outdoor unit by ensuring bolts are tight and using hurricane straps when necessary.

• Remove any debris or threatening branches hanging near your outdoor HVAC unit to prevent impact damage.

Step 2: Safety After the Storm

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) recommends that your system be inspected by an expert, especially if you notice sustained damages. After the storm, it is important to remember:

• If any flooding occurs that impacted the inside or outside of your HVAC unit, do not restore power to the unit without having it inspected by one of Climatech of Professional Air’s licensed technicians.

• Check your unit for external damage like dents or dings. However, even if these are not present, it does not necessarily mean that your system was not impacted by the storm.

Make your HVAC unit a priority. By letting the unit idle for too long, you risk mold developing and causing even larger problems for your home.

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