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Why You Need A Mini-Split System


Hot spots and cold spots may be normal in the ocean, but they’re definitely not supposed to be in your home. Unfortunately, it’s common to have a room in your home that doesn’t seem as comfortable as the others, such as a converted garage, basement, or large bonus room. Or, maybe you’re adding on to your home to make room for your parents to move or in your children to move back in. Whatever the case, a ductless, mini-split air-conditioning system can be a great alternative to installing a complete separate heating and cooling system within an addition or renovated area. The expert technicians at Climatech can offer several options for the installation of a mini-split system.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to keep every room in your home or office comfortable all year round, a ductless mini-split system from Climatech might be the answer.  

Mini-split systems are used to control the temperatures of specific rooms or areas of your home to improve comfort, efficiency, and the cost of your energy bill. Like traditional central systems, mini splits have two main components: an outdoor condenser (containing the compressor) and an indoor air-handling unit. Power, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain, link the outdoor section and the indoor section of the unit. 

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning ductless systems are an ideal choice as a retrofit for houses without ducted heating systems, for room additions where installing ductwork is impractical or too expensive, or where the main system lacks the capacity to expand, as well as for areas of the home that require additional heating or cooling. 

At Climatech, we offer mini-split installations, replacements, and repairs so you can be sure your new system is being taken care of for years to come. Call us today at 850-968-2161 for any questions concerning mini-split systems. We want to help design your comfort throughout your whole home!