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Your home’s humidification process is essential for creating a comfortable living climate. One of the worst feelings is being surrounded by air that is too dry. This is why it is important for homeowners in the Pensacola, Florida area to make sure that their humidifier water panel is clean and working properly.

What is a Humidifier Water Panel?

A humidifier water panel is also known as a humidifier filter, evaporator pad, or water panel. Essentially, the main function of this panel is to add moisture to the air passing through your unit. It is located inside of the humidifier’s scale control insert underneath your unit’s water distribution tray. The humidifier water panel serves as the heart of your humidifier, so taking care of it is crucial to keeping your home or office comfortable.

Why is it Important to Change My Humidifier Water Panel?

Changing the humidifier water panel on a regular basis will keep it from becoming clogged over time as the particulates from the air pass through contaminating the water.

This can create issues such as:

• Lack of moisture in the home leading to dry skin, nose bleeds, and other health problems.

• Water back up in unit leading to mold and bacteria growth. This growth could be dangerous to your family’s health.

• HVAC unit underperformance due to stress on the system’s fan motor caused by dirty water within the unit.

• Clogging of the humidifier drain line that may cause unit flooding and/or permanent unit damage.

• Indoor temperature issues caused by lack of humidity

How Often Does the Humidifier Water Panel Need to be Changed?

Your humidifier air filter should be changed at a minimum once every year. However, this frequency could change depending on factors like water mineral concentration and frequency of humidifier usage.

If you use your humidifier more frequently, we encourage you to be more diligent with humidifier water panel replacement.

How Do You Change The Humidifier Water Panel?

Changing your Humidifier Water Panel is not too difficult.

• Locate the panel cover on the exterior of the humidifier.

• Open or remove the panel cover. Keep in mind that many humidifier models have either a button or pressure panel to make panel removal easier.

• Slide-out the enclosure that’s holding the humidifier water panel.

• Remove the old humidifier water panel from the enclosure and dispose of it.

• Insert the new humidifier water panel.

• Slide the humidifier water panel enclosure back into the humidifier, ensuring that it is facing the same direction as before.

• Make sure the enclosure is inserted securely into the humidifier.

• Place the panel back onto the humidifier’s exterior.

Contact Climatech

While these steps shouldn’t be too challenging, we also completely understand if you’re not comfortable replacing the humidifier water panel yourself. That’s why, here at Climatech of Professional Air, we have qualified HVAC technicians available to help you with your Humidifier Water Panel replacement during your annual maintenance visit.

Overall, it is important to be proactive about humidifier water panel care. Climatech of Professional Air specializes in air purification, so if you have any questions or concerns, remember that we are here to help! If you live in the Pensacola, Florida area and you’re looking to learn more about Humidifier Water Panel care, give us a call at 850-968-2161. Climatech of Professional Air is fully licensed and insured serving Pensacola and surrounding areas. We offer round the clock emergency service.