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Climatech of Professional Air specializes in high-efficiency comfort systems. Did you know upgrading your A/C unit and furnace to a variable speed heat pump can save you money on your energy bills each month? The savings can be almost enough to pay for the new system, over time.

Variable speed technology works differently than standard A/C units, with results that provide incomparable comfort and efficiency. Variable speed heat pumps are a relatively new concept to the residential market and can benefit homeowners tremendously by saving hundreds or thousands of dollars each year in energy use, as well as preventing damage to building materials and possessions from moisture and mold.

Accu-Comfort from American Standard is a true variable speed product with a compressor that can ramp between 400 and 6000 RPM with an inverter drive. The outdoor section communicates with the indoor section and the controller to give a very well tailored comfort solution and dehumidification without spikes and hard starts as conventional systems experience, always missing their mark and either over cooling or under dehumidifying.

The Accu-Comfort system totally eliminates the need for a dehumidifier and allows the user to set desired humidity levels which are easily achieved without overcooling the home. The result is a very crisp, cool, dry living space which is very efficient and totally controllable from a smartphone or other wireless device. Invite a Climatech of Professional Air specialist to your home to see if one of these systems is right for you. We’ve outlined three reasons why switching to a variable speed compressor is a great decision for your home and your wallet:

Reason 1: Energy Efficiency

A variable speed compressor, also known as an inverter-driven or inverter compressor, allows your HVAC system to use only the amount of energy needed to deliver the cooling capacity you need. For instance, if it is 95 degrees outside, your air conditioner may need to run at near full capacity to handle the load, but when it is only 80 degrees, the load is lower, so the speed can change (hence variable speed). By only using the amount of power and energy you need, you’ll consume less energy, which saves money and helps protect the environment at the same time.

Reason # 2: Comfort

Besides energy savings, another benefit of a variable speed compressor is that you won’t feel uncomfortable blasts of hot or cold air when the system comes on. Instead, the amount of conditioned air that enters your home comes in incremental doses.

Reason # 3: Air Quality and Humidity Control

Variable-speed heating and cooling usually runs for longer periods of time but at a lower setting. Less energy and force means quieter operation and better airflow. It’s cheaper to keep the system on at low levels than turning it on and off more frequently. The highest energy usage from an HVAC system comes from constantly powering on and off. The longer, better airflow cycles also improve humidification levels, air filtration, and decreases the chance of duct leaks and comfort problems.

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