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Have you noticed changes in the performance of your home’s comfort system – maybe poor air flow, uneven heating or cooling, or higher energy bills? Don’t replace your whole system just yet! The cause could very well just be your air ducts. Leaky, dirty air ducts can take a toll on your comfort, your indoor air quality, and your wallet. To determine whether your air ducts need to be repaired or replaced, look for these signs:

1. Uneven Cooling

When you walk through your home, you may feel hot and cold areas. This means you’re losing conditioned air somewhere in your system. The most likely culprit: your air ducts. Uneven cooling throughout your home leads to uncomfortable temperatures and inefficiency of your system. You’ll want to get your air ducts repaired quickly in this case to save money and keep your family comfortable. 

2. A Musty or Dusty Home

If there’s a leak in your ductwork, dust and debris could be entering in your system bypassing  your air filters. When this happens, the dust will flow through your ducts and throughout your home, leaving you with musty smells and unusual dust buildup on floors, countertops, and other flat surfaces. Save yourself from constant cleaning and unhealthy air quality by getting your ducts repaired or replaced.

3. Weak Air Flow

If you’ve noticed a drop in air pressure exiting from your vents, it’s likely caused by a leak in your ductwork. This aids in causing uneven cooling throughout your home, but it can also cause your system to work harder to reach the set point of your thermostat. You’ll be experiencing higher bills and uncomfortable conditions without having this problem repaired.

4. Greater Energy Use 

Speaking of higher bills, if your air ducts are in need of repair, you’re probably experiencing higher energy bills, even if you’re not experiencing the other issues mentioned above. You may not notice uneven cooling or unusual dust buildup, but if it’s there and your system is working overtime, your energy bills could be through the roof. Don’t spend more money to be less comfortable.

5. Loose Ducts or Visible Damage

If you never have, take a look at your ductwork yourself. If you see things such as peeling tape, holes, or loose connections, they need to be repaired immediately to prevent further issues. It could be that they’ve been improperly maintained or they may have even been improperly installed. Either way, call a professional immediately to have this issue resolved.

What’s Next?

If you’re experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, contact Climatech of Professional Air. We can ensure your ducts are clean, leak-free, and replace or repair damaged or loose duct components. 

Our technicians will keep your system running efficiently or, if you’re looking to upgrade, help you find the right equipment for your needs and space. Call 850-968-2161 today to make an appointment. 

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